Smoking at online casinos is allowed

Online casinos have the "all smoking" light on. It is okay to smoke while playing these casino games. This is unlike many land casinos during current times as many have fallen victim to recently passed laws prohibiting smoking in public areas including casinos and bars. Of course those living in the U.S. are still free to smoke in their own homes which will be yet another irony that sends people running to online gambling rather than their local gaming institution.

While the U.S. has not chosen to pursue smokers past their property lines, there are many countries which have chosen to try and tell their citizens how to live in the privacy of their own homes. Oh wait a minute. My mistake. I momentarily forgot that the US federal government has chosen to not regulate online gambling but rather take the path of intimidation by having the dept of justice issue propaganda that would have US citizens believe it is illegal to gamble on line.

However to date not one person has ever been even charged with gambling on line although sports betting is excluded for purposes of this article because there does exist the "wire act" which says it is illegal to place sporting bets using the telephone line. This has been the DOJ's claim all along for saying it is illegal to gamble on line but the law was created before the internet existed and was very specific about it only pertaining to sports betting. Therefore several points of interest must be examined and then proven to all fall the way of the DOJ's preference and that is an unlikely scenario of which all parties are aware.

An attempt to pass a federal law making it illegal to gamble on line fell just short of its goal when the UIGEA rider was passed on the last day of a legislation period while hidden on the skirt of a anti-terrorist act that was of course certain to pass. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes it illegal for a banking institution to knowingly allow a transaction that may fund an online gambling account but stops short of addressing the gambler. The law is already being condemned by many in congress as impossible to police without seriously impeding the entire banking system. The banks themselves have already stated that this is forcing them to error to side of caution therefore legitimate purchases are being denied which hurts not only the consumer and merchant but also the bank that refused to allow payment since not many customers are going to be understanding about being left red-faced when they know their credit or debit card is good. So if you're in the states and doing a little online gambling then feel free to light up and "smoke 'em if you got 'em". Both are still your right to do in the privacy of your own home but be sure to keep an eye on things come next time to vote.

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Smoking at online casinos is allowed - Online casinos have the "all smoking" light on.