Do You Really Understand the Blog Animal?

by Akinori Furukoshi

The growth and popularity of blogs in general has been phenomenal within a very short period of time. Blogs or web logs as they were previously called is where all the action on the World Wide Web is, right now. >more

How to Get Your Website Linked To Blogs

by Ben O'Rourke

Blogs are all over the internet and gaining popularity all the time. Just do a search for anything and see all the results relating to blog entries. Search engines love blogs. >more

How to Find a Niche For Your Blog

by Mike Seddon

It is important to realize that your choice of a niche can have a significant influence on the success or failure of your new blog. >more

RSS, Not Just A Blogging Tool

by Mustafa Khundmiri

If you happen to be a blogger, you must be perfectly aware what role RSS (Really Simple Syndication) plays in the blogging world. >more

Links From Blog Comments

by Henry James

Earlier the blogs were synonymous to the personal weblogs or online diaries. But this is no longer the case. Yes, the horizons of blogging have taken an all together new facet today. >more

A Basic Introduction to Blogging

By Mal Keenan

Web logging first appeared on the net in the mid-1990s. The term "web log" was initially coined refer to a server's log file and then expanded to include the meaning of online personal journaling. >more

Blogging Communities Turn Faceless Strangers into Close Friends

By Jesse S. Somer

I’ve been searching the Internet for blogging sites for a fair while now and recently I came across a whole blogging community, which has grabbed my interest greatly. It’s called Joe User and it’s a site that many bloggers all around the globe are partaking in. >more