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There is a popular saying: 'a picture says a thousand words', the saying holds good for videos too. Internet users the world over are using videos to share memorable moments with friends and family members. If you have a video that you want to share with the world, here are a few ways you can share your videos with other internet users. Before you begin sharing videos, make sure the video is optimized for easy downloading/uploading. Digital camcorders use a 'lossy' mpeg format to record videos which makes the size of video files large. Most camcorders have bundled software that allow compression of recorded videos and you should first compress the videos.

No matter how much you 'squeeze' a video file, a video file is usually too large to be attached to an email. Even if the video is short enough to be attached to an email, many mail servers usually reject emails that exceed a certain size. In addition, not all internet users have high speed internet connections and a 4MB email can take upwards of 10 minutes to download on a slower dial-up connection. In a nutshell, emailing videos is not a feasible option, and can end up taking up too much time on either the sender's end or the recipients end. If you wish to share your videos with friends and families only, the best option is to upload your videos to a dedicated FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, an FTP server is secure and only friends and family members with passwords and usernames can access the videos.

However, using FTP servers is complicated and it requires software to access and download content from an FTP server. A much simpler form of FTP servers are file servers. File servers can be accessed using a web browser and all you have to do is send a link to the file to all your friends and family members. Although file servers are the simplest way to share videos they have one basic downside, file servers are not free to use.

Even if you have a free user account, your download/upload speed will be severely restricted. If you do not want to pay for uploading your videos or do not mind sharing your videos with the world, the best option is to upload your videos on video sharing websites like YouTube. YouTube and other video sharing sites allow anyone to upload their videos for free. The biggest advantage of uploading videos to websites like YouTube is that your videos are 'view only' which ensures that videos are free from piracy and cannot be downloaded.

Video networking sites like YouTube have pioneered the concept of video sharing by making expensive Flash video servers available for free. It is important to note that YouTube costs nothing and the only downside (as of today is) that your videos can be viewed by everyone. Another way to share videos is using P2P (peer to peer) software. Like YouTube however, P2P software only allows generic sharing of videos. To search videos from leading video portals visit http://www.dropamovie.


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