Rock N Roll Party Theme For Your Rockin Wedding

Are you the type of person that loves rock 'n roll, and getting down and dirty? Is a fancy white wedding not for you? Why not take what you love and run with it! It's your wedding, do what you want. Shelly, 24, did just that. Shelly is a rock and roll girl all the way.

She hates dressing up, and hates the idea of wearing a fluffy white dress even more. Shelly is a girl with attitude, and she wanted to bring that to her wedding. Her soon to be husband, Greg, 25, was also a rocker and loved the idea of a rock 'n roll theme into their wedding. The first step, wedding invitations, and let me just say that their method was most original, guitar picks! Shelly and Greg decided 'what better way' than to personalize guitar picks with the guests name, and wedding details (shorthand of course) on the front. What was their choice for the setup of their wedding? Well, Greg and Shelly decided they wanted to go as far outside of the norm as possible and actually rented out a bar where local bands performed. They knew this bar because they were frequent visitors too.

Local bands continued to play straight through their wedding. The bar tables were used and stools at the bar itself were perfect for guests with the intention of some fun drinking (champagne was not an option for this couple). As for wedding favors, Greg was a fan of poker, so packs of playing cards were perfect. Shelly stumbled across some candles in the shape of the suits of cards (heart, spade, club, and diamond) and used those as well. Shelly wanted to get a bit spunky with her choice of wedding favors, so she provided the guests with inflatable guitars, saxophones, and microphones.

Not only could guests watch the bands perform, they could now pretend they were a part of the band. Square plates in a black and white theme decorated the tables for when it was time to eat. A buffet dinner was perfect since elegant was not what our couple was going for - they definitely knew they wanted casual and fun. Guests helped themselves to an endless supply of burgers, chicken, fries, and more while continuing to rock out to the local bands performing.

But the best was yet to come. The cake was the greatest idea for the whole wedding. A local baker designed a cake in the shape of a Les Paul guitar. It was almost too realistic to eat! But guests got to bite down into a piece of music, and enjoy the whole theme. So, got an itch to scratch or a wedding coming up? Not only does this theme fit nicely for a wedding, but it could also be used for a unique Sweet Sixteen (minus the alcohol of course), or any celebration for that matter.

If elegant and fancy is not for you, you could always just take advice from our couple, and "rock out!".

Denise Sanger is the owner of several wedding websites including Buy Wedding Favors Online features a large selection of wedding favors including unique wedding favors and decorations for your party theme.


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