How to Arrange a Great Block Party

There is always a great fun involve in doing things together.A Block party is one of them where all the children, Moms and Dad come together to have fun and enjoyment. Find out the tip on how to arrange such a big party. Did you ever hear of block parties? Let us recommend them. They are something different in the way of parties.

We live in a new district and, like many new districts, there are many children. In our block the children are all about the same age, and as a result the parents and children have become well acquainted. Children have birthdays, and birthdays mean parties first one home and then another.

The novelty had worn off. Was not there something new and entirely different to do? We all got together to plan and the block-party idea was born. Our house became Union Station for the evening.

At six o'clock the travelers (children) arrived ready for the first part of their journey. Under the care of the Conductor and Engineer (entertainment committee) all embarked for Hawaii (a neighbors house across the street). In true Hawaiian style each guest was presented with a paper flower lei to wear for travel. While the guests nibbled slices of fresh pineapple and crackers the young hostess, who belongs to a dancing class, entertained with a Hawaiian dance. Next came the long trip to China. Here Chinese lanterns were everywhere.

By lantern light the travelers ate big plates of Chow-Mien on the spacious back porch. Then they hit the road again for Turkey, that land of romance and mystery. Entering the home of the Sultan, the travelers were cordially welcomed by the sons and daughters of the household, who were attractively dressed in Turkish costumes. A serving of date pudding completed the ample meal the travelers had gathered along the way.

Then followed an uneventful passage to America and incidentally a visit to an Indian village (another home). Here Heap Big Chief and his tribe gave their Indian dances, showed their wonderful rugs, beads and weapons, and for a finish served some of their native food, Popped Corn. On the wing again a flying trip to Union Station, point of departure to play some games children in other countries enjoy.

First came a Chinese game called Dragons Tail. All the children lined up, hands on shoulders of the child ahead. The first child became the head of the dragon and the last the tail.

The hostess called out, one-two-three-go! At the signal the head tried to catch the tail. In and out around the amusement room wove the dragon (line of youngsters), the head trying valiantly to tag the tail. The whole body moved with the head and remained unbroken. If the head caught the tail that child continued to be head. If the body broke first, he became the tail. The very minute someone let go, the Dragon died.

This Chinese game was strenuous and hilarious. After this exciting game it was good to sit quietly in a circle. Indian corn was used for this popular Indian game.

One child hid the kernels of corn in one of his hands, and standing before another child in the circle said, Guess how many? He asked his question first of one child and then of another in the group until he had been all around the circle. Of course, the child who guessed the correct number, or the nearest correct, won, and became 'IT' for the next game.

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