Growing Your Second Bundle Of Joy

Well, although no one can ever know exactly what physical and emotional changes will occur, it can almost be guaranteed there will be big differences between your first and second. Here are a few educated guesses as to what you may expect. Youll show sooner Many second time Mums find that with the second pregnancy their bodies change much sooner than the first time around.

This again is perfectly normal. Once a womans body has experienced pregnancy and childbirth, her body remembers what is required and therefore makes the changes more rapidly. The muscles may not be as taut as they were the first time, and many Mums find themselves wearing maternity clothing long before they reach their second trimester. Youll feel those kicks and flutters sooner Having been through this once before many Mums are far more in-tune with the babys movements the second time and are able to distinguish between genuine baby movement and fluttering rather than gastrointestinal sensations. However, like with everything else pregnancy related, this isnt always the case.

If baby decides to camp out towards the back of the uterus rather than the front, it may be well into the second half of pregnancy before you feel any movement. Prepare to be more tired During your first pregnancy, you probably had time to rest if you felt tired. This time you have another person to consider and contend with.

Therefore, the amount of rest you are able to obtain could entirely depend on the activity level of your first-born. If you are constantly running around, it is no wonder you will tire sooner. You are still experiencing everything you did first time, but also having to consider someone else.

If you are offered help or the chance of a break, take it! Try to relax, and enjoy the rest you are able to get now. Life is about to get a whole lot busier. Your labour may be shorter but there are no guarantees Many Mums find that their second or subsequent deliveries progress quicker than their first. The cervical dilation rate tends to be 1.2 cm per hour for a first baby and 1.

5 cm per hour for the second. The pushing stage may also be quicker the second time around. For a first baby, this tends to average one to two hours, whereas a Mum can expect to push less than an hour the next time. However, like with everything else in life, there are no guarantees. So, go ahead and hope for a short labour and delivery, but prepare yourself for the unexpected.

You will probably be less preoccupied with the second pregnancy Unlike with your first pregnancy, when everything was new and unknown, this time you could be chasing after a toddler, preschooler, or older child. Therefore, you will just have less time to think about this pregnancy. Quite often, this can make second time Mums feel guilty. Do not worry. This is normal, and after the baby is born, this will all change. You may have mixed emotions You may question your feelings towards the second baby and worry that you could never love them as much as their older sibling.

Or, you might be concerned that your relationship will change with the older child. Fortunately, you will adjust to the new baby very quickly as will their older sibling. Although it is perfectly normal to question yourself, you will probably be amazed at your own capacity to love and wonder why you ever worried. How you feel about your second baby or any there after will be as much as the first. Remember each child is an individual with their own personality, and your feelings and actions could therefore differ from child to child.

Relax and Enjoy Finally, pregnancy is a wonderful experience that many second time Mums find they enjoy far more than the first. Having been through it once, it is often easier to appreciate it for the truly beautiful experience that it is. So, rejoice in these miraculous nine months, and enjoy!.

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