A Few Signs That Your Boyfriend May Become Abusive

Domestic violence has been around for a very long time, some cases are fatal while other cases are not. We all ask ourselves if there were any warning signs that we may have missed along the way. In this article we will discuss some things you can look for which will help you to determine whether or not a person may become abusive. Has your boyfriend ever committed violent crimes against others? If your boyfriend is infamous for starting fights with other people, there is a possibility that he may direct this type of anger towards you at some point in the future. Is your boyfriend addicted to drugs or alcohol? You may say that your boyfriend is an alcoholic or he uses illegal drugs but he has it under control. However, when people are under the influence of alcohol or drugs they may do things that they usually will not do had it not been for their addiction.

Sometimes these people may become abusive towards others while they are under the influence, this should not be overlooked. Does your boyfriend have angry outbursts while watching T.V.? Does your boyfriend have angry outbursts when you get into an argument with him? Has your boyfriend ever resorted to hitting the wall or throwing objects against the wall when he has these angry outbursts? These are signs that he may become abusive towards you.

Have you ever been physically abused by your boyfriend? If your boyfriend has ever hit you even if he didn't hit you hard enough to hurt you, this is a sign that things are going to get worse. Has your boyfriend ever threaten to kill you if you leave him? Your boyfriend may be an extremely nice person who has never shown any signs of being a violent person. However, when you get into an argument with him if he tells you that he will kill you if you ever leave him, this is a sign that he is an extremely dangerous person.

Even if he apologizes for what he said when he was angry the bad things he said should not go unnoticed. Is your boyfriend possessive? If your boyfriend is extremely possessive to the point where he intimidates you, you should be extremely cautious because your boyfriend may become violent towards you if you do something that he does not approve of. These are some of the warning signs that may tell you that your boyfriend is an abusive person. Your decision to stay in a relationship or end it is ultimately up to you but you should pay close attention to these warning signs.

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