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By Mal Keenan

Moving to another state is quite a big decision. Maryland seems to be many people's choice, as natural beauty and rising economy are both to be found here. Getting a job here shouldn't be very difficult and recreation after settling will satisfy every new Maryland resident.

Being the seventh state accepted in the union, Maryland is a place where many things that happened were for the first time in The USA. Telegraph lines, highways sponsored federally and railways are just a few examples of innovations in Maryland. Even the first school ever opened in the US was here, in Maryland.

Maryland is dense, being among the smallest yet most populated state in the US. The population lives mostly in cities and suburbs around Washington DC. The biggest city is Baltimore and the capital, Annapolis which many years ago was the capital of America, for a period of time. The whole state has an odd shape, that giving Maryland a variety of geographical forms. Every type of nature spread all over America can be found in Maryland, which led to the nickname of "America in miniature".

Maryland's main touristic attraction consists of two areas: the sea shore and the mountains. These can host from all the variety of beach and water sports to hiking, hunting and camping in the mountains. Mountains, but not only, are covered with huge areas of forest, summing 40% of the state's surface. Due to it's geographically diversity, Maryland's climate is also variable. Depending on the altitude, the distance to sea or the presence of protective winds in the area, weather can be from humid and cold to dryer and warm.

Many precipitations help plants grow, making Maryland a state with a rich flora, characteristic to the east coast states. The state is somehow famous for its care to the environment, having its name in front of many lists that counts America's most green states or those with the smallest amount of toxic wastes.

The economy relies on Maryland's geographical position. Baltimore handles transportations having truck access, as well as rails connected to it. The port manages shipping for a big variety of products. Baltimore's proximity to Washington D.C. makes it an administrative and technical service provider for the capital of our country.

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