Discover different techniques for how to blog to make money. Many people today have their own blogs. Blogs are your online journal, and as such they are personal in nature. People write about their everyday happenings and ideas, they talk about products they like and their experiences. This is what makes it a blog.

But more than that, blogs are money making machines if you know how to blog for profit. Blogs are very easy to set up compared to a regular website. This is because a blog is basically a content management system which allows you to simply log in and publish your articles to your website. You can do all this without knowing the first thing about website coding or graphic design.

So how to blog for money? Here are 10 key points that will generate traffic and make your blog profitable:

1. Select a niche that is profitable. You do this by selecting keywords and running them through a keyword tool.

2. After you have your keywords, start writing articles with these keywords.

3. Always link your articles back to your blog.

4. Have affiliate links and other reference links in your blog that make you money.

5. Submit keywords and meta tags (SEO your blog).

6. Have a clean and easy to find your way around look in your blog.
7. Submit your blog to blog search engines.

8. Write an article once a day and ping once a day.

9. Submit your articles to different article directories.

10. Always have fresh content.

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform. It is much better if you have your own host as you have more leeway rather than using the free version.

Here are other things that you can set up in your blog to make money:

- Sign up for a Google Adsense account and immediately have ads showing on your site. Google can match ads to your content and pay every time someone clicks on an ad.

- Insert an opt-in box if you have your own product or an affiliate product that you are promoting. This way you can capture names and build your list.

The most important thing is to regularly update the content in your blog. Make sure you are writing, or purchasing, unique content to post on your blog on a regular basis. The more content you have, the more search engines and visitors will come to you!

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