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Blogging For Businesses - BEST PRACTICES

Many organizations have recognized social media as a powerful source to increase customer base. Businesses have adopted blogging as a very powerful marketing tool to leverage their business in the competitive world, which led to business blogging. There are certain best practices that help organizations to acquire maximum benefits from Weblogs.

Best practices in business blogging –

Businesses must be clear with their guidelines and policies while posting content on their business blog. This will avoid leakage of business secrets and certain confidential information through blogging.

Using a business blog for blatant advertising would hurt the actual benefits of it. It is a good practice to update business blogs as frequently as possible. This is to make sure that readers will get fresh information consistently. Content can be anything ranging from recent industrial news, customer engaging topics, to job openings.

Businesses must be transparent and honest with the content in their business blogs. A business blog created by an organization represents the organization in all aspects. Any kind of misappropriations, illegal content, or plagiarism in their blogs may lead to legal issues and would hurt the reputation of the organization.

Why to optimize a blog?
In the present day competition, just following some good business practices is not enough. It holds true even in the case of blogs. To outstand among 1.6 million blog posts posted each day, it will be a best practice to optimize your business blog besides following good practices regularly. Optimizing business blog helps to acquire rankings in popular search engines and thus increase traffic and reputation for your blogs as well as business.

Different ways to optimize blog
Unlike websites, it is easy to optimize blogs by following certain practices. Business blogs which are created for mere SEO objectives are very likely to fail. Companies should be clear with the objective of creating their business blogs. Thus the content for blogs can be created with a purpose, which will help to achieve the objectives and beneficial results. Some other good practices include –

o Generating Sitemaps
o Blog/Feed Directory Submission
o Social Bookmarking
o Pinging
o Creating widgets and polls/surveys
o Linking to other blogs

A blog can efficiently serve the objective and the main goal of the organization. However, this depends upon how the firm’s execution.

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